| Driver: Felix Rosenqvist| Team: Mahindra Racing| Number: 19| Car: M3 Electro|| Photographer: Nat Twiss| Event: Berlin ePrix| Circuit: Tempelhof| Location: Berlin| Series: FIA Formula E| Season: 2016-2017| Country: DE|| Session: Race|

Formula E – firmly at the cross-roads

Formula E continues to grow and flourish but the FIA Formula E championship is now at a major cross-roads where the direction in which it turns will ultimately decide whether it was a short-lived success of sorts or whether it goes on to be an established, FIA racing series for decades to come.

Turn left and turn a blind eye to OEM Manufacturer excesses which will drive costs and increase head count leading to a category that is dominated by the rich and few until it implodes ( see all previous references to the FIA World Endurance Championship ) or turn right. By turning right, the series will have to take on board the harsh lessons learnt from Formula 1 and World Endurance and Touring Cars where Manufacturers were indulged with disastrous consequences.

So far, the three stakeholders, Promoter/Governing Body/Teams & Manufacturers have made the right decisions guiding the series through the first phase and making it sufficiently appealing and affordable for 10 OEMs to sign up. But the warning signs are there to be seen with the OEMs with the most established motorsport divisions the biggest threat to the escalation of costs and to the elastic application of the boundaries of the of sporting and technical regulations.

Let’s hope that the key influencers in the sport can make their voices heard and if that upsets some of the established OEM’s motorsport divisions, then for the sake of the Formula E series, be brave and true to the championship ideals.


Formula E – at the crossroads


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