Leaving time for thought and research


The modern pressures of work and the inevitable constraints of immovable deadlines leave insufficient time ( and often no time ) for thinking, research and planning. This is ultimately detrimental to the success and longevity of a business. I’m as guilty as the next man and this is really starting to concern me now.

But how can I find that time when I’m tied to client work ?

This is a common complaint from SME organisations with larger corporates better placed to appoint sufficient resources to adequately tackle the vital future planning aspects of a business. The answer, I think, is discipline: it’s making time, perhaps through a change of scenery where the disruptions are at arms length, the deadlines more blurred. Even half a day of clear thinking, planning and some basic research is a start but the key is obtaining that space to enable clarity of thought. Inevitably whatever your thoughts, more time will be required but strangely, the process seems to have a cathartic effect – once started – which makes the demand for more quiet thinking time –  well, less demanding, bordering on pleasurable.

Think of thinking and planning time as your personal investment in the future of your business because it is and if you own that business, you owe it to yourself.

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