Playing chess with our lives

If there is one thing that grates with the business community or indeed the public at large, it’s indecisive politicians that appear to be playing with our lives and our lively-hoods with no apparent strategic aim or clue as to how to arrive at a workable solution. December 2018 seems to be one of those moments for any EU resident and especially those living in the United Kingdom.

Doomed from the beginning

Whatever your politics and your political leanings relating to the dreaded Brexit negotiations, I cannot help but feeling that these discussions have been doomed from the beginning with no outcome capable of pleasing the 27 EU club members and the UK. Would it not have been better for the UK and the EU to re-negotiate terms which would have placated those wanting to leave whilst keeping the UK within the club ? Way to simple and logical I suspect. Let the chess games continue . . .

Slim chance of friendly handshakes at the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations


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